Delivering the best quality on time, every time
Through our experience, we understand how important it is for our customers to receive fresh produce on time. That is why we put great emphasis on maintaining our service schedules to ensure on-time delivery, through rain or shine.

Our friendly and experienced team is well trained to smoothen the delivery process and uphold our hygiene standards for an overall service experience that’s nothing less than the best. Every one of our staff has to go through a strict training programme to learn how to handle our products properly and efficiently before they are allowed hands-on experience on our storage grounds.

To maintain absolute freshness in our farm produce, we have a multi-storey cold storage facility, complete with technologically advanced equipment to monitor and keep the room at an optimum temperature. And because freshness is our pride, we would rather discard items that do not meet our quality standards than to deliver them to our customers.
We expect the best, to deliver the best
Besides providing high service quality, we also go to great lengths to select the right partnerships with suppliers who share the same quality objectives. Our high expectations on freshness, quality and hygiene are important to our business because they are what we eventually pass on to our customers. All our local and overseas suppliers are carefully evaluated through intensive meetings and repeated on-site audits before any trade commences. And even after their standards have been affirmed, we will continue to conduct quarterly farm visits to ensure a consistent level of quality throughout the partnership. Because of our industry reputation and wide distributorship, we cannot afford to be negligent in our standards, and we will spare no effort to keep our customers’ trust.
Your satisfaction is ours

Being in this business for over 2 decades is no small feat. Many of our customers and suppliers have been with us since we started our operations in 1983, and through these years, we understand how important it is to keep them satisfied. While we work hard in building our business, we put in just as much effort in building valuable relationships with our customers and suppliers. Hence, we will do all we can to resolve any concerns sincerely and objectively, through the right procedures.